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​Life is filled with charming moments, meant for celebration...

As a child I was so fascinated by the fabulous parties my parents gave that I "flew" my doll to Paris for "couturier clothes" and then flew her home so she could give a party. 

While at Vassar I learned two very important things: ; how to research (because a lot of planning is in the detals....) and the joy of feeding my friends and fellow students. 

My event planning skills were honed in the world of magazines and pre-press: dealing with deadlines, outside vendors, budgets and timelines before I moved to the wonderful world of parties when I joined a local catering firm as their first Event Planner. 


My goal is to help you make your dream event come true, be it a wedding, a bar or bat mitzvah, a birthday, or other social events....even an intimate dinner for two.




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